See Yourself in Cybersecurity

The 2023 SANS Difference Makers Award winner - Best Book of the Year!

Did you know cybersecurity is a vast field that offers many exciting opportunities?

As a cybersecurity professional, YOU can play the role of a superhero who fights against hackers and cybercriminals to keep information, systems, networks, and applications safe from harm. It's a fulfilling career that requires you to stay one step ahead of the "bad guys" and help protect the digital world.

See Yourself in Cybersecurity is a fantastic book that takes readers on a journey through the world of cybersecurity. It inspires and encourages children, teens, and young adults to discover the various roles available in the cybersecurity industry. Readers will get a better understanding of what cybersecurity is, the opportunities available, and how they, too, can be a part of this growing industry.

If you are interested in technology, solving puzzles, problem-solving, and helping people, then cybersecurity is the career for you! See Yourself in Cybersecurity gives you an exciting glimpse of what YOU can do. So, put on your superhero cape and get ready to learn how YOU could have a future fighting cybercrime!


”A useful, inclusive, and accessible introduction to an ever-growing industry, See Yourself in Cybersecurity: A Book About Careers in Cybersecurity for the Next Generation by Zinet Kemal is perfectly designed for younger readers dreaming about what their future careers may hold. Putting a broad range of professional paths into simple terms, from investigator and threat analyst to cyber defender, this vividly illustrated book shows how exciting and interesting the seemingly dry field of computer security can be. Never patronizing readers, nor getting lost in technical details, the book is sharply edited, while the dynamic colors, formatting, and accompanying images make it a visual and insightful delight, accomplishing precisely what it intends.”

- Self-Publishing Review

”Our world is changing at a fast pace. Computers run every facet of our lives. It makes sense, then, that the up-and-coming careers all involve technology and how to live with and use it safely. Cybersecurity is an important buzzword in the technology community and one to which high school and college students are being introduced on a daily basis. Over the coming years, cybersecurity will become increasingly vital, and our world will need all hands on deck as we rocket forward into the age of computers. Author Zinet Kemal knows this all too well.

See Yourself in Cybersecurity, by written by Zinet Kemal and illustrated by C.J. Love, is a fantastic nonfiction book geared toward middle and high school students who may be considering a career in cybersecurity. Kemal is an award-winning author and a professional in the field of cybersecurity. Her contribution to middle and high school students is immense. Throughout this book, Kemal specifically defines each and every aspect of a career in cybersecurity, from forensics to the sales engineer. She leaves no stone unturned and no term undefined. Readers will find the glossary terms included on each page to be especially helpful as they explore this exciting career.

I am always looking for engaging material for my students, and See Yourself in Cybersecurity, by written by Zinet Kemal and illustrated by C.J. Love, more than fits the bill. I heartily recommend Kemal's book for its thorough treatment of the topic, the straightforward and easy-to-follow explanations, and the vibrant illustrations that further serve to draw in readers. This is a solid book to include in any middle or high school library.”

- Literary Titans