Oh, No... Hacked Again!​

"A story with a clear message and smart coverage of a timely topic."

~ Kirkus Review

Meet Elham, a fun eight-year-old girl who loves online games. While she and her siblings enjoy the adventures of online games, Elham struggles with making the safest decisions. What happens when she suddenly cannot log in to her favorite game? She’s been hacked before. How will she recover if it happens again? Elham must lean on her mom and siblings to stay safe while navigating the digital world.

Grab this fun family story, gather the children, and learn the importance of online safety and explore the exciting and ever-evolving field of cybersecurity as a future career option. Order Now


”Zinet Kemal teaches children essential guidelines to stay safe online, like never sharing their online details and using two-factor authentication to secure their accounts. But she also stresses that online 'friends' are actually strangers and shouldn't be trusted. Learning these lessons as children will help them stay safe as adults when so much more is at stake and may even inspire them to pursue a career in cybersecurity. Oh, No... Hacked Again is ideal for middle-graders who will identify with the characters and learn essential facts about online safety.”

- Readers' Favorite

”Oh, No... Hacked Again! A Story About Online Safety is a practical children's book to introduce the idea of computer safety to young elementary kids through middle grades. The message is told in a language that is easy to understand and the artwork fits well with the story.”

- Literary Titans

”A charming, relatable, and colorful introduction to cybersecurity and general online safety, Oh No...Hacked Again! is an important read for children in today's gadget-filled, tech-driven world. Quick, simple, inclusive, and educational, this vibrantly illustrated book will leave readers with plenty to think about next time they jump online, regardless of their age.”

- Self-Publishing Review