​Proud in Her Hijab

A Story of Family Strength, Empowerment, and Identity

What happens when curious children speculate about Iman’s hijab?

“Is she bald?” “Is her hair dirty?”

There is a fine line between curiosity and ridicule. Iman must find courage to face the school children.

Proud in Her Hijab is a story that empowers and uplifts girls who choose to wear a hijab while encouraging friendship and respect.

If you are looking for a hijab story of inspiration & courage for your children and loved ones, look no further. This book is for you!


”A relatable tale of pride and identity that is paired neatly with colorful and expressive illustrations. The summary of themes at the end of the book is a good review for younger readers, and offers a chance for conversation and discussion for parents reading with a child. Kemal has crafted a heartwarming and practical book that elevates kindness, patience, understanding, and cultural sensitivity, which is an essential message for any faith.”

- Self-Publishing Review

"Proud in Her Hijab: A Story of Family Strength, Empowerment, and Identity is a well-conceived and educational picture book for young readers. This is an excellent resource for teachers and parents to teach about diversity and inclusion, different cultures, and kindness.”

- Literary Titan

Zinet Kemal's young people's story, Proud in Her Hijab: A Story of Family Strength, Empowerment, and Identity, is a compassionate look at one girl's journey into accepting who she is and that, yes, she is beautiful like everyone else. The story is both educational and inspirational especially for young girls to recognize their inner beauty and be proud of themselves. The plot follows Iman's journey from hurt to empowerment as she returns to school intent on teaching her fellow students about her hijab and that she does have beautiful (and clean) hair underneath. The story is told in simple language so young readers can read along and it's accompanied by colorful illustrations. The story will definitely inspire young readers to be confident in what they wear and in who they are - we are who we are for a reason and we shouldn't have to cower to others' opinions of us. Be yourself and be proud of who you are. It took courage for Iman to stand up to her classmates, but she did it with both pride and respect for them as well as herself. The book ends with a list of the important themes covered in the story, including respect, kindness, as well as the importance of family and friendships. Beautifully told.

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